B2229C: ONE eSports is a Singapore-Based E Sports Tournament Organiser

ONE eSports is a Singapore-based esports tournament organiser. As part of a joint venture between Dentsu, Inc. and ONE Championship, ONE eSports was launched in July 2019 with the aim to be Asia’s largest global eSports Championship Series.

ONE eSports boasts Razer and Singtel as its key sponsors from Singapore.

Since 2019, ONE eSports has tapped on Razer and ONE Championship to grow its viewer base as research has shown there is affinity between consumers of both product categories.

ONE eSports has heavily marketed to ticket holders of ONE Championship fight events and gamers using Razer’s gears by offering aggressive discounts and promotions for ONE eSports events.

In addition, Singtel Group’s platforms, telco data bundle plans, as well as online and offline payment services are used to facilitate joint e-sports marketing efforts, production and distribution of e-sports content.

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In 2021, ONE eSports is looking to build its Singapore community base by attracting younger viewers (18-25-year olds) to their eSports events.

It plans to introduce a non-Clan based eSports event – the Among Us SG Invitational 2021.

ONE eSports objectives are to create awareness for Among Us SG Invitational 2021 and to also grow its Singapore community base.

The Among Us SG Invitational will be held in December 2021 and your proposed digital marketing strategies are to be implemented from 1 September 2021 to 30 November 2021.

You are a digital strategist at ONE eSports preferred digital marketing agency. Your agency is tasked to propose digital marketing strategies to ONE eSports to achieve these objectives. You will prepare the proposal and present it to ONE eSports for their consideration.

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Your proposal should include:

  1. An analysis of the target audience (persona, empathy map, customer journey map, etc.)
  2. Recommended search engine keywords based on the audience insights
  3. Approaches to channel strategy (both traditional and online)
  4. Approaches to brand strategy (personality, visual identity system, tone of voice, etc.)
  5. Content marketing and social media strategies
  6. Key considerations, potential challenges and recommendations

You are not to propose changes to the game or the operations of the tournaments. Do not focus on the ‘ONE eSports’ brand. Your focus must be on the objectives indicated above that are related to the Among Us SG Invitational 2021 tournament.

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