Board of directors and key management officials

Company choosed: Bahrain Duty free shop complex B.S.C.

Assignment report parts with explanation of each part content:

Part 1: Background of the company

(1 page) overview of the company: stating what is the company all about, when was it established, what is the core ability of the company, what are the key achievements and milestones for the past 10 years that makes this company unique from other organizations, the nature of the company, what is the nature of its operation, what it’s specialized in. also focus on key achievements and milestones of the organization.

Part 2: Board of directors and key management officials

(1 page): discuss who are the board of directors and chairman of the board of the company, who are the key officers, and also try to identify the members of the board, try to find on a research who are those individuals and brief experiences and stuff like that, also highlight who is their CEO (chief executive officer), key officials such as chief financial officer and operations manager or head of operations, and for human resource any major official that you can look in to in the company that you feel the core stones of the organization. Also provide an analysis of their BOD and management composition.

Part 3: Industry analysis

(2 pages): conduct industry analysis of where the company is part of. Use PEST analysis for example, depending on your convenience you can choose any framework so that you can analyse the nature of the industry (what are it’s potentials, what are the challenges, what are the threats). In the industry where the company belongs who are the major players? so try to provide a very good overview of the industry (where the company currently analysing).

Part 4: Analysis of the financial performance of the firm

(7 pages): conduct financial analysis of the company using vertical analysis ratio.

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Focus on the key strengths you can use a vertical analysis of course you use ratio analysis to the sect relevant financial information about the firm or the organization and after that to focus on the key strengths of organization what will be possible areas for improvements of their weaknesses. Put graphs also in case there’s a need to put, put also the financial statements or condense version of the financial statements.

So how to do financial analysis using financial ratio? Get the 2 year financial statement from for example income statement of Bahrain duty free company and do vertical analysis, if it’s financial statement look at the percentage at each of the values to net income (for example see the composition of net sales relative to net income, so you have the base of net sales and the rest will be the percentage of net sales for example net sales will be 100% in 2009 then you derive operating cost excluding depreciation and amortization…etc and mention the implications also.

If you make vertical analysis for balance sheet, your base should be total assets for the assets, and total liabilities and equity for liability and equity so divide each value with total value and you will see the changes in the compositions of your assets relative to the overall total assets. So try to extract relevant information and try to draw conclusions from your analysis using vertical analysis.

The other thing you should use to complement the vertical analysis is to do the ratio analysis. Financial ratio allows you to analyse the company in terms of it’s financial performance there are different types of financial ratio such as liquidity ratio, activity ratio, debt ratio, profit ratio. The ratios are group according to what you can draw conclusions once you drive the values from them. Also use Dupoint system of analysis in the financial statement of the company.

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To get the financial statements of the company from Bahrain bourse:

go to Bahrain bourse website ( ). In the list you will see Bahrain duty free shop complex B.S.C. and click on it and you’ll see all their financial statements, corporate actions and overview also. Also you can go to Bahrain duty free complex website itself from google and you will have all the information of the company in the website available.

Part 5: Analysis of company value

(3 pages): Once you are done with your financial analysis in the previous section, now you can use the evaluation tool in order to assess the company’s fair value, you can use different models (you can use free cash flow evaluation model, you can use also the dividend discount model or you can use the two stage discount model or the PE models) whatever you think is necessary and whatever you think is the most appropriate use it as a way to value the company and compare them with the current market price so with base and current market price share is the company over valued or ir is it undervalued? You have to provide an analysis on why such difference in the price and the fair value that you have computed, there’s always a mismatch and it will not always be the same and if you think your computation for fair value is correct will the price go down undervalue? If it’s overvalued will the price go up? And try to see what could be possible things that could happen if the future that will lead to price adjustment (for example if you find a company that is undervalued and you say that the fair market value is the same for example price is 15, it’s current price is 10 I believe it will go up, so try to provide reasons why you think the price of 15 has not been materialized for example, you would say that based on their research they have ongoing project,

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they have an ongoing construction; they have ongoing partnership and it’s not yet materialized so once it’s materialized the market will adjust it’s evaluation and it will go up from 10 to 15. So provide necessary explanations of why the fair market value is not the same with the market price. You can do them by looking on the information in Bahrain bourse of the duty free company projects.

Part6: Conclusion and overall observation

(2 pages): identify possible growth potentials of the company that you’re assessing (you can provide recommendations that you think the company has to do to improve also you can use your evaluation section and you can use the financial analysis section to comment in this area.

Make sure that your recommendations have base, you can’t just provide recommendations that are not packed up by the findings of the previous sections so try to be evidence-based in terms of your recommendations do not just get recommendations from the internet and putting it.



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