case study report on Attention to the triple-bottom-line at the international level has gained in significance in the last deca…

Please prepare a research individual report of 3000 words (plus or minus 10%; i.e. no less than 2700 andno more than 3300 words, excluding references) on the following topic:‘Attention to the triple-bottom-line at the international level has gained in significance in the last decade,primarily owing to the awareness of governments, societies, and individuals of the need to be sustainable.’Using a proposed case-scenario (to be announced and available on Blackboard, in the Assessment 1folder), complemented by a discussion and the inclusion of academic references, students will examine anddescribe the area of triple-bottom-line (TBL) among multinational enterprises, and demonstrate how thesecan develop their business strategy around a TBL philosophy. Using the proposed case-scenariointroduced earlier in the term, students will conclude by providing insights into the future of multinationalenterprises with or without attention to triple-bottom-line related issues. For instance, students will discussthe implications for businesses of paying and-or not paying attention to the TBL dimension.Please note: A bare minimum of twenty (20) academic references is required. Content fromWikipedia, Investopedia, blogs/related websites is NOT to be included, only academic literature, aswell as government and-or industry reports are to be used.The assessment must include and strictly comply with the following structure:1) Executive summary. Between 300-350 words.2) Introduction. Between 250-300 words.3) Main Body, where the case-scenario is discussed in the context of multinational corporations. Between800-1000 words.4) Implications of point 3 above (i.e. answering the so what? question with regard to the findings; inessence, the consequences, impacts, ramifications of what was discussed in the main body). Between 800-1000 words.5) Recommendations for managing multinational enterprises, answering the question: where do we gofrom here? Between 800-1000 words.Reference List (references must be presented in alphabetical order).The Executive Summary needs to be included. Students will be assessed on their ability to recognise,analyse, and discuss the key issues in the topic, as well as on your ability to appropriately use referencematerial to support their arguments. The quality of the sources of information they use, as well as theirreferencing skills, will be assessed.Written assignments must use the Chicago Referencing System. Students are expected to use at leasttwenty (20) different sources (primarily journal articles) to support their arguments and discussion.Again, the use of Wikipedia, Investopedia, the whole range of XYZ-pedias, blogs, and other websites is notallowed. If in doubt regarding the type of references or regarding any other aspect concerning this assessment, pleasealways ask the lecturer. The use of the required textbook is required. In case of citing this or other books, pleaseindicate the exact page number(s) where the information was gathered.Online submisstion: The report must be submitted to Turnitin by the individual student and by the duedate/time. Please note: There is no need to submit a hard copy of the assessment. Theunit coordinator/lecturer will have access to students assessment in soft copy through the Blackboardsystem.Students have two steps in the Turnitin submission process. Step one is optional; it is designed for a DRAFTassessment (i.e. to assess word ‘similarity’; optional upload). The second step is mandatory, and it consists ofsubmitting the FINAL document.

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