Asthma and the allergic response that it is caused by.

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For this week’s discussion board, please pick a therapeutic agent used to treat either an allergic or autoimmune disorder and present a summary of this agent that addresses the following questions:
The therapeutic agent picked: Prednisone (corticosteroid; asthma)
What is the name of this therapeutic agent, and which hypersensitivity or autoimmune disorder does it treat?What is the mechanism of action of this therapeutic agent? Please provide details about the cell types and signaling pathways that are targeted.What is the route of administration for this drug, and how often does it need to be administered?Are there any known side effects of using this therapy? Are patients left more susceptible to certain types of infections?Is this therapy successful in controlling allergic/autoimmune pathology? What is the prognosis for patients that are successfully treated with this therapy?
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