Stress and Health Empowerment

SOLUTION AT My Australian Academy

What are different ways men and women deal with stress? Is this stereo typing or based on science, natureversus nurture?
What is the primary function of cortisol? What are the effects of excess amounts of cortisol ? What causesthis?
Explain the difference between immediate, intermediate and prolonged effects of stress response. (30)4.What is holistic stress management? Give specific illustrations.5.What effect does information overload and sensory bombardment have on brain function and cognitiveability?6.Describe technostress, incivility and environmental disconnect and their impact on stress7.What role does the nervous system and the endocrine system play in stress response?8.What is the role of stress in sleep, insomnia, and health? What are methods for self care in sleep and whybother to take care of yourself?9.Describe some immune system related disorders10.How does grief and broken heartedness impact our health? Can we mend a broken heart? What would beinvolved?
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