PowerPoint Presentation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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You are planning to attend a shareholder’s meeting at which this topic will be discussed. You have been asked to provide your opinion on whether the facility should be opened. Determine whether you agree or disagree with the proposal to open a facility in the region.
For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation to convince the organizational leaders whether the described facility should be opened or not. The PowerPoint should be at least 10 slides, not including the title and reference slides, and does not require any outside research, although additional research can be used. The textbook contains information that can be useful for this assignment, so it is recommended that it be used. Make sure to properly cite the textbook or any other source used.
For this assignment, make sure to discuss the following.
Describe the issues to be addressed (two slides).Provide reasons for why you agree or disagree with opening the facility (two slides).Identify the role emotion plays in your recommendation (two slides).Explain how any emotion did, or did not, impact reason (two slides).Explain the reasoning process utilized to come to the conclusions reported in the presentation (two slides).
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