competitive differentiation

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competitive differentiation
competitive differentiation
Your paper must include the following sections:
Strategic Overview: (1 page)Provide a brief description of the following elements:The company, including its products or servicesMarketing strategy: target market segments, value proposition, market position, and source of competitive differentiationOrganizational structureAny other relevant factsAnalysis of the Supply Chain: (4 pages)Analyze the supply chain for your identified company by explaining the following key elements of the supply chain:Identify key inputs, including less tangible assets, such as human resources and information. How are these key inputs sourced, reconfigured into a product or service, and delivered to your customers?Identify the key processes that add value, and evaluate the supply chain performance relative to the competition. What are the key inputs for each process? How are these inputs processed or configured into the final offering for your customers?What is the value added at each step?What is the role of information technology and e-commerce in serving your customers?What are the key performance measures for evaluating your supply chain?Research online sources to explain how the performance on these measures compares to that of your competitors?Plan to Improve Operating Processes: (3 pages)Create a plan for improving the performance of three specific operating processes in your company. Your plan should address the following:Identify three elements of the supply chain that you recommend as targets for improvement.State the performance improvement opportunity for each element, and indicate how it will improve process speed, quality, efficiency, and productivity.Explain what specific action or change you recommend for each supply chain element selected.Explanation of the Results of Performance Improvements Regarding Product or Service: (2 pages)Explain the following:How will your product or service be improved as a result of these changes to the supply chain activities?How are you altering the specific features or attributes of your product or service?Why are these specific changes important to your customers?How do these changes enhance the value proposition and competitive position of your company?What lasting capabilities and improvement are you introducing into your company through these changes?How will you measure the scope and impact of your improvements? What are your key performance indicators?Assessment of the Impact on Human Resources: (1–2 pages)Detail how your plan impacts your company’s HR and human capital strategy by explaining how the organization’s structure supports the new process configuration you are recommending. Your response should address the following questions:Are the roles and responsibilities in your organization properly defined and aligned to enable these changes? Who will perform these new/modified process activities, and what changes to their jobs do you anticipate?Is decision-making authority assigned so that the process changes you propose can be implemented and properly managed under the current structure? Who will own the process and the results? Based on the current structure, will they have the authority to make changes as necessary?Are the individuals with the right skills in place to implement these changes? If not, how will you attract the talent necessary to implement your changes? How will you retrain the existing employee base? How will you handle attrition? How will you reduce the risk of impacted protected classes?Changes:Explain changes to the compensation and incentives at your company that are necessary to reinforce your recommendations and increase efforts for continuous improvement throughout the organization. Explain how your plan motivates employees, customers, and suppliers better.Write a 10-page paper in Word format. You may rearrange the above sections if it improves the quality of your paper.
LASA 2—Company Analysis Report Rubric
NOTE: If a component is absent, student receives a zero for that component Exemplary
(A- to A)
Synthesis includes clear discussion of company’s specific products and services; in-depth discussion of marketing strategy; and a detailed organizational structure. Discussion is supported by additional relevant facts and examples regarding the company’s structure and services. Scholarly evidence is used to support ideas throughout.

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Analysis of the supply chain examines all its key inputs including source, reconfiguration, and delivery to the customer. For each step, several processes that add value, relative to the competition, are identified and compared. Synthesis examines and analyzes the role of info-technology and ecommerce in meeting customer needs. The key performance criteria used for evaluating the supply chain are accurate, measureable, and are evaluated against what many other competitors utilize for measurement. Scholarly evidence is used to support ideas throughout.
Performance improvement plan diagnoses current supply chain and isolates three or more elements in need of improvement. Several innovative improvement opportunities are explained and justified. Explanation includes multiple details regarding process speed, quality, efficiency, etc. Scholarly evidence is used to support ideas throughout.
Synthesis outlines performance results in detail based on improvement recommendations.
Related changes to the product or service are discussed including how these changes meet customer needs. A logical and detailed justification for how these changes will enhance the value proposition and competitive positioning is included. Many logical and effective means for measurement are outlined that include key performance indicators for success. Scholarly evidence is used to support ideas throughout.
Synthesis utilizes research and data to analyze how the plan affects the company’s HR and human capital strategy.
The analysis includes several details and examples regarding alignment with roles, decision-making authority, existing employee talent, and compensation.
Writing is clear, concise, and well organized. It demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources and displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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