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escribe the critical policy issues related to access to care, cost of care, and quality of care. Which critical policy issue do you think impacts US Healthcare the most?
According to the text book, some critical policy issues include, access to care, providers, public financing, access and the elderly, access and minorities, access in rural areas, access and low incomes, smoking and tobacco use, cost containment, quality of care, and mental health (Shi, Singh,320-328). The factors that closely relate to access to care include, providers, public financing, access and the elderly, access and minorities, access in rural areas, and access and low incomes. With providers, the main issue is ensuring that there are enough providers available. There are also some issues that could potentially arise from ensuring the increase in these providers, such as the increase of health care expenses. Through public financing, many “vulnerable groups” are able to obtain healthcare. Issues arise here when care in unavailable due to the “policies enacted since 1983,” which focused on a slim selection of elements in the health care delivery system (Shi, Singh, 321). Other issues come from things such as Medicare, fairness to minorities, having funding available for medical equipment in rural areas, and access to care without payment. The components related to the Quality of Care was highly impacted by the Health Care Quality Act of 1986. This act “mandated the creation of a national database within the U.S. Department of Public Health and Human Service,” it provided any and all data on legal actions against health care providers (Shi, Singh, 325). Under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality was created. The issues with cost are forever changing. With the new technology that is consistently increasing and being developed, the cost of health care will always be increasing. With this I would like to present some other issues that are not included in the book. The issues listed by the National Association of School Psychologists says that some overlooked issues include comprehensive school safety, shortage of school psychologists, the support of diverse populations, and mental and behavioral health. I think these are some very relevant issues, especially during the pandemic. Everyone, but especially students need mental health support now more than ever. I think the access to healthcare is the issue that has the most impact on the US. Many people cannot afford healthcare and therefore, cannot seek the medical assistance they need. Even though many programs, such as Medicare, are available, many citizens are unaware of them or even how to qualify/apply for the program. The issues in the United States are on-going and they will continue to be relevant until they are solved or at least improved.
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