HCM 102 Saudi Electronic University No More Dawdling Over Dishes Case Questions

What you give in my Case Study is just one topic, so expect the answer in File 1 to File 10 to have only one thoughts. Possibly you mistaken it is constant thoughts.ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEETCourse name:Organizational BehaviorCourse number:HCM 102CRN:Assignment title or task:(You can write a question)Kindly read the below given case study and answer the casestudy questions.Student Name:Student ID:Submission Date:Instructor name:Grade:…. Out of 5Topic of Case Study: Goal Setting, Performance Management, and RewardsCase Study Title: No More Dawdling Over DishesAndy Davis was proud of his restaurant, The Golden Bow. Its location was perfect, its decortasteful, its clientele generous and distinguished. When he first took over the business a yearago, Davis had worried that the local labor shortage might make it difficult to hire goodworkers. But he had made some contacts at a local college and hired a group of servers whoworked well with customers and with one another. The only problem he still had not solvedwas the dishwasher.At first Davis felt lucky when he found Eddie Munz, a local high school dropout who had someexperience washing dishes. Davis could not afford to pay a dishwasher more than $4 an hour,but Eddie did not seem to mind that. Moreover, Eddie seemed to get the dishes clean. But hewas so slow! Davis originally thought Eddie just was not quick about anything, but hechanged his mind as he observed his behavior in the kitchen. Eddie loved to talk to the cooks,often turning his back on the dishes for minutes at a time to chitchat. He also nibbled dessertsoff of dirty plates and sprayed the servers with water whenever they got near him. Thekitchen was always a mess, and so many dishes piled up that often two hours after closingtime, when everything else was ready for the next clay, Eddie would still be scraping andsquirting and talking. Davis began to wonder if there was a method to Eddie’s madness: Hewas getting paid by the hour, so why should he work faster? But Davis did not like having aconstantly sloppy kitchen, so he determined to have a talk with Eddie.Davis figured out that Eddie had been making $28 on his reasonably efficient nights and thenmet with Eddie and made him a proposal. First he asked Eddie how soon he thought he couldfinish after the last customer left. Eddie said an hour and a quarter. When Davis asked if hewould be interested in getting off forty-five minutes earlier than he had been, Eddie seemedexcited. And when he offered to pay Eddie the $28 for a complete job every night, regardlessof when he finished, Eddie could hardly contain himself. It turned out he did not like to workuntil 2:00 a.m., but he needed every dollar he could get.The next week, a new chalkboard appeared next to the kitchen door leading out to the diningroom. On top it read, “Eddie’s Goal for a Record Time.” By the end of the first week, Davis hadprinted on the bottom “l.” Davis began inspecting the dishes more often than usual, but hefound no decrease in the quality of Eddie’s work. So on Sunday, he said to Eddie, “Let’s tryfor an hour.”A month later, the board read “42 minutes.” The situation in the kitchen had changedradically. The former “Eddie the Slob” had become “Eddie the Perfectionist.” His area wasspotless, he was often waiting when someone came from the dining room with a stack ofdirty plates, and he took it as a personal affront if anyone found a spot on a plate he hadwashed. Instead of complaining about Eddie squirting them, the servers kidded him aboutwhat a worker he had become, and they stacked the plates and separated the silver to helphim break his record. And the first time Eddie got done at 12:42, they all went out for an houron the town together.Case QuestionsQ1 – What did Andy Davis do to change Eddie’s behavior?•When Davis observed to Eddie that this dishwasher had a low performance, being adishwasher, he thought about some ways to improve or change the behavior ortechnique of Eddie in his work at the Business of Davis. As he was implementing thelessons learnt through a mentor/coaching system, he got more results. As he got morepositive results, his colleagues started to trust and respect him more. All of this addedup to motivate Eddie even more than the financial reward. Because of the Goal ofDavis to or also called “Goal Setting/Objective” of his mind he wants to motivate hisemployee to do well for the sake of his Business the restaurant and also for thePerformance of Eddies. And his plan to have a reward is one of the ways to change thebehavior of Eddie. We all know Goal setting is a powerful tool that can be used tomotivate and challenge employees or organizations. It is one of the important keys inperformance management because it’s an instrument to measure performance onpredefined objectives / goals. So, because of this Davis used it for a better plan tomotivate and change the behavior of Eddie.Q2 – Could Davis have used a different system of rewards to get the same results from EddieMunz?•Yes. Davis could have relied solely on the financial reward system alone instead of atotal reward system which embraces financial and non-financial rewards. Thissystem of management gave Eddie an unquenchable drive to give his best to thecompany. Davis used it to motivate Eddie to do well in his Job. He gave Eddie anadvantage that will be 28 dollars for a complete job every night. And also used ofEmployee Assistance Programs that instead of mocked or being mad at Eddie forbeing a slow employee and other terms of failure of Eddie he used to be a respectfulperson he assisted Eddie to do well and give him motivation because he believed thatEddie has a room of Improvement. His Plan to have a breakable record in every workof Eddie is a way to be motivated and led to be a success of both of the parties. So,because of the Successful plan of both, they have so much time to talk to eac…

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