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This is a major paper in which you are expected to conduct secondary research on one of the topics below. The paper should be:
double-spaced, 12-point font,
Times New Roman,
once-inch margins,
with page numbers,
between 1,750-2,000 words and should take the form of a major essay, outlining your argument and supporting it with relevant facts and well researched opinion
Please submit as .doc not .pages.
It is expected that you cite at least five (5) different academic articles. These can be from academic, peer-reviewed journals (like the Canadian Journal of Political Science) and from academic books or a collection of essays so long as they are from an academic press (e.g., McGill-Queen’s University Press; UBC Press; University of Toronto Press; Cambridge University Press; Oxford University Press). If you are unsure as to whether a source is an academic source, do not hesitate to contact the instructor or the TA.
Note that sources like the CBC, the Globe & Mail, the National Post, or CNN are not academic sources. They can be used to supplement your argument, to point to events that occurred, or to provide further detail but they do not count as academic sources. Moreover, be sure that you differentiate between news from these sources and opinion. You should refrain from using opinion pieces unless you are referring to a change or movement of public opinion that was or is influential to your topic.
As always, grammar, syntax, and style are important. Although this is not an English course, it is crucial that you present your argument in a smooth, compelling, and well-written manner. This means that your assignment should be free of typographical errors and spelling mistakes.
Your essay should not be one giant block of text, nor should it be five giant block paragraphs. Divide your essays accordingly. Generally, we want an introduction that identifies the research question and has a clear and concise thesis statement (i.e., the argument you will develop throughout your paper). The introduction should identify the three points that you will be arguing throughout—those are the points that argue your thesis. Your essay will then coherently argue these points throughout, presenting one point, arguing it, providing examples, and then moving onto the other point(s). It will end with a conclusion that summarizes your arguments.
You are required to cite throughout the essay. Any citation style is fine as long as it is done consistently and correctly—but please avoid endnotes.
Note that you can always email the instructor questions; however, it would be better if you directly communication with the TA, Sarah Despatie. Sarah will be grading these assignments and it is crucial that you clear up your concerns or issues with her.
The term paper questions follow. If you want to pick a topic that is not listed, that’s fine—but you need to get permission from me and Sarah. So, if you want to write about a different topic, please send an email to me ([email protected]) and CC Sarah ([email protected]) with your requested topic.
Comme je l’ai dit en classe, vous pouvez rédiger et soumettre votre essai en français si vous le voulez.
Has the Canadian federal government’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Report been adequate?
How has nationalism in Québec influenced Canadian politics? [While not necessary, if you can understand French, I strongly encourage you to consult academic work in French]
How does the Canadian political system place checks on the powers of the Prime Minister? Are these checks insufficient (i.e. does the PM have too much power), excessive (i.e. the checks curtail the PM’s powers too much), or adequate (i.e. the PM has a correct amount of power)?
How does the media influence Canadian elections? Is this influence excessive or not? [Be sure to define what type of media you’re talking about: social media or traditional media]
What is the purpose of subsidies to political parties? Are these subsidies fair?
How do the courts succeed in or fail to adequately protect rights in Canada?
Do backbench Members of Parliament play a useful role in Canadian democracy? How so?
How is the federal system well-suited or poorly-suited (choose one) to governing Canada? In which ways might a unitary system be different?
Should Canada abolish the Monarchy? Why or why not?
Should Canada adopt a different electoral system than the first past electoral system? Why or why not?
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