Law Matrix

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Law Matrix
Law Matrix
Assignment Objectives: Describe sources of law including: common law, statutory law, and administrative law, meeting the requirements of the rubric with 80% accuracy. (LO 1) Describe function of three branches of government, meeting the requirements of the rubric with 80% accuracy. (LO 2) Assignment Instructions: Health care law focuses on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern the health care industry. As we have learned in the weekly readings, some of the regulations relevant to this industry include Stark, HIPAA, Anti-Kickback Statute, EMTALA and state privacy laws. For this assignment, please do some research and appraise the impact of the primary sources of law (United States Constitution, state constitutions, federal and state statutes, common law, case law, and administrative law) on US Public Health Policy. In additions, describe the various branches of government and illustrate how each addresses ethical issues. Below are some references that may be helpful. There are many other websites available with applicable information. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2012). Public health law 101. ChangeLab Solutions. (2020). Structure of government public health law academy training. Georgia State University Law Library. (2020). Introduction to legal research. Legal Resources. (2020). Statutory law. Justia. (2018). Administrative law. To Complete the Assignment: Please use the UTRGV Library databases and scholarly Internet search processes to learn more about each of these topics. Review the grading rubric carefully and make sure to organize your submission in such as way that all required elements have been included. Effectively communicate using well-constructed, thoughtful, organized writing, each of the elements discussed in the breakdown of the assignment’s parts found below. This assignment allows the student to choose the format in which they would like to complete the assignment. The choices are a paper, a podcast or a PPT presentation. Please choose one of the following methods and make sure to understand the parameters: 1-2-page paper (excluding cover page and references) 5-minute podcast (recorded using Panopto) with a reference page Word document submitted 9-12 slide Power Point presentation, excluding reference slide(s). Regardless of method chosen to complete assignment, APA formatting for documentation of references is required. Please see the grading rubric for detailed information about the references. If a paper is submitted, please include an APA formatted cover page, submit the paper using the assignment link found in the Learning Activities Folder. If the podcast is completed, please follow the UTRGV Panopto instructions for students, and submit a Word document with the link for the recording and the APA formatted references using the link found in the Learning Activities Folder. If the Power Point presentation (PPT) is completed, submit the PPT file including slides with APA formatted references, using the links found in the Learning Activities Folder. Narrative notes must be included on each slide if the PPT submission method is chosen. Assignment due on Tuesday at 11 pm. Please do not send any assignments via email. No assignments sent via email will be graded.

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