need for greater digital understanding

Question 6 (20 marks)

This question tests your understanding of Block 3. Additionally, you are expected to follow the guidance on report writing that is provided in Section 1.5 of Block 2 Part 1.

The introduction to Block 3 included part of a speech by Martha Lane Fox, in which she spoke of the need for greater digital understanding.

For this question you are required to write a short report on digital understanding.

Your report should contain two main sections:

  1. How has your digital understanding changed because of studying TM112 Block 3?

You should explain what you have learned. Give at least one example of an activity that you have completed as part of TM112 Block 3 and that has changed your digital understanding. Explain how it has changed your understanding: What understanding did you gain by doing it? You should support your explanation with at least one reference to the module materials.

  1. How could you improve your digital understanding further in the future?

Give at least one example of a recent development (e.g. from a news story) that requires you to further develop your digital understanding. Include a reference (this must be to material outside the TM112 module materials). Describe the example and in what way the example (or an aspect of the example) goes beyond what you have learned in TM112.

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Make sure your report addresses the two questions above. You will be marked on the depth and quality of your discussion, not on the number of examples that you cover.

The maximum word limit for Question 6 is 500 words.

Just over half of the marks for your report can be earned for the content of:

  • your introduction,
  • your answers to the questions above and
  • your conclusion.

The remaining marks are allocated to appropriate style, grammar, spelling, references and structure.

To gain full marks, your report should meet all the requirements in the following checklist.

  • Audience, language, structure and good academic practice
    • My report is suitable for a non-technical audience. (I have explained any terms that a non-technical audience may not be familiar with.)
    • I have used a spell checker and a grammar checker, and read through my report to make sure it is clear (i.e. that the ideas / argument flow(s) in a logical way).
    • I have structured my report using paragraphs for each independent idea. (Paragraphs should not be too long, and nor should there be multiple, very short paragraphs.)
    • The report is in my own words and I have properly indicated any direct quotes.
    • I have included appropriate references (at least two, one as part of your answer to each of the two questions above), and they are in the CiteThemRight Harvard format.
  • Content and structure
    • I have given my report an appropriate title.
    • My reports starts with a brief introduction.
    • My report contains two main sections as required by Question 6 of this TMA.
    • My report finishes with a brief conclusion.
    • I have indicated a total word count at the end of the report, and it is near and within the limit. (References should not be included in the word count. Title and headings should be included in the word count.)
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(Total 20 marks)