NSG 468 American Medical Association Quality Within Healthcare Paper

Hello bro, your assignment is ready.OutlineTopic: Regulatory AgencyThe following sections are covered in the paperA. Introduction•The Federal Aviation Administration is a governmental body and the mostsignificant transportation agency in the United States that has the mandate for allthe civil aviation aspects within the nation and the surrounding countries.B. History•The Civil Aeronautics Act was created in 1938 by then-President FranklinRoosevelt, which gave a detailed outline on how to regulate the airline fares,prevent accidents, and the airline routes’ determination.C. Reason for Existence•The federal aviation administration promotes aviation safety and establishes civilaviation standards as the regulations empower them.D. Frequency Reporting•Before processing and authorization of a frequency, a frequency assignment needsto be carried out (Tittsworth et al., 2016).E. Where Frequencies Are Reported•The Federal Transmitting Authorities ensures that all the FAA transmitters areissued to the appropriate authority for positioning.F. How the Agency Operates•The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) operates by issuing and enforcingregulations covering the aircraft’s handling, manufacturing, and maintenance.G. Current Function•The federal aviation agency’s current functions do include promoting safetythrough the regulation of civil aviation.H. Organizational Structure•The current organization of the Agency shall remain intact; as such, its fundingactivities should also remain unchanged.I. Governance•The SWIM Governance team takes part in developing several essential FAAstandards crucial in implementing the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).J. Impact of the Aviation Agency on Health Care Organizations•Working at FAA, the new employees stand a chance to get enrolled in dental andvisual insurance, health insurance.K. Impact of the Agency on Nursing Practice•The simulation programs are essentially crucial to the nursing field.L. Impact of the Aviation Agency on Patience Care•The simulations that have become increasingly common in nursing care have ledto improved patient care and higher treatment success rates (O’Neil et al., 2017).M. Summary•The creation of the federal aviation agency was more of a revolutionary gift to thecurrent generation.N. References•Tittsworth, J., Lang, S., Johnson, E. J., & Barnes, S. (2016). Federal aviationadministration wake turbulence program-recent highlights.•O’Neil, P. D., & Krane, D. (2017). Policy and organizational change in theFederal Aviation Administration: The ontogenesis of a high‐reliabilityorganization. Public Administration Review, 72(1), 98-111.Running Head: DISCUSSION PAPER1Regulatory AgencyStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationCourseDateDISCUSSION PAPER2Regulatory AgencyIntroductionThe Federal Aviation Administration is a governmental body and the most significanttransportation agency in the United States that has the mandate for all the civil aviation aspectswithin the nation and the surrounding countries. The Federal Aviation Administration isconferred with the powers to operate and construct airports, the aircraft personnel’s certification,air traffic management, and the safeguarding of the U.S. assets, especially during the spacevehicle launching.HistoryThe Civil Aeronautics Act was created in 1938 by then-President Franklin Roosevelt,which gave a detailed outline on how to regulate the airline fares, prevent accidents, and theairline routes’ determination. Two years later, a fatal accident at the Grand Canyon followed theFederal Aviation Agency’s establishment (Tittsworth et al., 2016). The Agency was thenchartered to serve with all things air safety-related and all things air-traffic. When the departmentof transportation was created, it combined all the forms of transportation, and hence the federalaviation agency got its new name, the federal aviation a…

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