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Privacy Release Clause: “I give my permission for my assessment material to be used in the auditing, assessment validation & moderation Process”.
Authenticity Declaration: “I declare that: The material I have submitted is my own work; I have given references for all sources of information that are not my own, including the words, ideas and images of others”.
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All work is to be entirely of the student.
General Information for this assessment:
Read the instructions for each question very carefully. Be sure to PRINT your FIRST name & LAST name in every place that is provided. Short questions must be answered in the spaces provided. For those activities requesting extra evidence such as: research reports, essay reports, etc. The student must attach its own work formatted in double space, Arial 12 pts. All activities must be addressed correctly in order to obtain a competence for the unit of competency. If the student doesn’t understand the assessment, they can request help from the assessor to interpret the assessment. Re-submission of assessment after the term will incur additional fees.
Re-assessment of Result & Academic Appeal procedures:
If a student is not happy with his/ her results, that student may appeal against their grade via a written letter, clearly stating the grounds of appeal to the Chief Executive Officer. This should be submitted after completion of the subject and within fourteen days of commencement of the new term.
Re-assessment Process: An appeal in writing is made to the Academic Manager providing reasons for re-assessment /appeal. Academic Manager will delegate another faculty member to review the assessment. The student will be advised of the review result done by another assessor. If the student is still not satisfied and further challenges the decision, then a review panel is formed comprising the lecturer/trainer in charge and the Academic Manager OR if need be an external assessor. The Institute will advise the student within 14 days from the submission date of the appeal. The decision of the panel will be deemed to be final. If the student is still not satisfied with the result, the he / she has the right to seek independent advice or follow external mediation option with nominated mediation agency. Any student who fails a compulsory subject or appeals unsuccessfully will be required to re-enrol in that subject.
The cost of reassessment will be borne by the Institute. The external assessor will base his/her judgement based on principles of assessment. These principles require assessment to be reliable, fair, practical and valid.

Academic Appeals: If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the re-evaluation process, you have a right to appeal through academic appeals handling protocol. To appeal a decision, the person is required to complete the WSC- Request for Appeal of a Decision form with all other supporting documents, if any. This form is available via our website. The completed Request for Appeal form is to be submitted to the Student Support Officer either in hard copy or electronically via the following contact details: Student Support Officer, Western Sydney College (WSC), 55 High St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Email: [email protected] The notice of appeal should be in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and submitted within seven days of notification of the outcome of the re-evaluation process. If the appeal is not lodged in the specified time, the result will stand and you must re-enrol in the unit. In emergency circumstances, such as in cases of serious illness or injury, you must forward a medical certificate in support of a deferred appeal. The notice of appeal must be made within three working days of the concluding date shown on the medical certificate. The decision of Chief Executive Officer will be final. Student would then have the right to pursue the claim through an independent external body as detailed in the students’ complaint / grievance policy.

Comments/Feedback to Students

Assessment Task 2: Project

Task summary

  1. For this task you are required to complete a template to demonstrate the knowledge required for this topic in relation to the hospitality industry and your workplace.

Resources and equipment required to complete this task

  • Access to textbooks and other learning materials.
  • A computer with Internet access and Microsoft Word or similar software.

When and where should the task be completed?

  • This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable).
  • Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.

What needs to be submitted?

  • Completed template with all parts filled in.
  • Customer service standards of your workplace.


  1. This task requires you to answer questions related to where you work, have worked or have a work placement in a hospitality service environment, by filling in the template provided. Some questions are general industry related questions and some will be specific to your workplace. Copy this template into another Microsoft Word (or similar) document and adjust the rows as necessary. Ensure you complete all parts of the template.

You may need to find out additional information from your supervisor, colleagues or from the staff intranet. Ensure you have access to customer service policies and procedures and codes of practice that are industry relevant from your workplace in order to answer specific questions. You will not be asked to include copies of these policies and procedures, however you will need to reference them in your answers.

Policies, procedures and codes of practice need to include:

  • Customer service standards
  • Designated response times
  • Presentation standards
  • Customer surveys and feedback collection
  • Recording and reporting customer feedback.
What main products and/or services does the industry in which this business operates provide?
What are some of the professional service standards and protocols that are followed by the personnel in this industry? Print a copy of the service standards of your particular business and attach with this assessment task. Discuss how service standards are generally made available to customers in this industry.
Discuss the attitudes and attributes that are expected of employees in this industry.
Discuss some of the different customer service needs and expectations you have come across.
What customer loyalty programs are used in this industry? Describe how these loyalty programs work.
Discuss how customer databases are used in this industry and some of their essential features.
Discuss the designated response times for providing service and resolving complaints at your workplace.
Discuss the complaints handling procedure making reference to the customer complaints policy.
Where are the customer service policies and procedures kept; and how does management ensure that staff are up-to-date in their knowledge of the policies and procedures?
What promotional services are offered at your workplace?
Discuss the procedures for dealing with the following: Incorrect pricing or quotes Delays or errors in providing products or services Misunderstanding of customer requests Escalated complaints or disputes Other team members or suppliers not providing special requests Misunderstandings or communication barriers Unmet expectations of, or problems or faults with a service or product.
Discuss the methods of performing the following and provide an example for each. Negotiating with suppliers on behalf of customers to get reduced rates or extra services for them. Providing a service free of charge. Providing a service at a reduced rate. Providing discount vouchers to attend at a future time. Providing an inexpensive add-on product. Providing a small gift to a customer. Providing special attention during the service period. Providing special customer service delivery on next attendance.
How are financial constraints of the organisation and the profitability of the sale taken into consideration when making the decision to provide customers with free or discounted services? Provide an example of making a decision about the profitability of providing a service free of charge or at a reduced rate and include calculations in your answers.
Choose a cultural group you have had dealings with before and answer the following questions. What is the cultural group you have chosen and why? Discuss the customary greetings, farewells and conversation of this cultural group. Discuss the body language and body gestures associated with this cultural group. Discuss the formality (or informality) of language associated with this cultural group. Discuss the clothing sometimes worn by this cultural group. What may be some special or additional requests this cultural group may have?
What are the roles and responsibilities of the following positions in providing quality customer service? Management Supervisors Operational personnel
List three sources where you can find information on current service trends and changes that affect the service industry.
Discuss how following internal and external environmental changes may effect quality customer service planning: Changes in the competitive environment Economic climate Introduction of new technologies or equipment Management changes and organisational restructures Recruitment practices Trends in customer service preferences
What are three reasons a business may choose to join industry schemes and/or align with industry codes of conduct?
Discuss the following methods of formal and informal customer research and feedback: Analysis of the competitive environment and industry trends in customer service Customer service surveys with structured questions Customer focus groups Feedback from service delivery colleagues over the course of each business day Questioning customers informally Observing customers Regular staff meetings that involve service discussions Staff surveys Internal customer surveys (colleagues/other departments etc) Improvements suggested by customers involved in complaints or disputes Improvements suggested by suppliers Improvements suggested by staff, supervisors and managers
A business needs to constantly assess its effectiveness in customer service practices. Explain how the following can be done: Examine the overall business performance Monitoring the effectiveness of staff in meeting customer service standards Monitoring the effectiveness of policies and procedures in explaining practices
How does your workplace review the numbers and natures of: Complaints Disputes Customer responses
Making reference to your workplace’s policies and procedures, briefly discuss the following: Presentation standards for the customer environment and for the customer service personnel Pricing and service guarantees Product quality Refunds and cancellations Customer service training Technical training (systems and technology)
What do I need to hand in for this task? Have I completed this?
Your completed template
Customer service standards
Assessment Task 2: Project
Yes No Comments
Did the student answer all the questions in the template correctly/satisfactorily? Please see the Marking Guide for assistance with marking. (Please note which questions were answered incorrectly, if applicable.)
If ‘no’ to the above, did you identify gaps in the student’s understanding and knowledge?
If ‘yes’ to the above, what arrangements have been made for reassessment?
Please add any feedback to the student about this task on the Assessment Cover Sheet. Keep a copy of the completed Assessment Task Cover Sheet.
Please note any reasonable adjustments made for this task below.
Assessment Task 2 Outcome: Satisfactory  Not Satisfactory  Date:
Trainer/assessor name: Trainer/assessor signature:



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