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Hello there , I have two discussion questions that are due tonight. Is there anyway that you would be able to assist me.
The first one is What is plagiarism?
The second one is explained below.
System Dynamics – Transformative Change.New system dynamics are at work in the economy—everything is speeded up. Now change is faster, unrelenting, and more transformative than at any time in history. In addition, a new understanding of the process of change is emerging as the new sciences of chaos and complexity develop. Business and society need to be rethought in terms of rapid transformative change, using the new insights of the hidden order in the chaos of complex, adaptive, and dynamic systems.

Planned Stability and Incrementalism

System Dynamics of Continuous Change

Net Communications – New Communities.Extensive networked communications in business and society are enabling new forms of community. Conversations in the new networked communication media of e-mail, chat, voice, and visual media are changing both the messages and the messengers in the newly formed communities and communications.

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Management Control and Mass Market Persuasion

Enabling Networked Communities of Practice

The New Business Realities document paints a picture of transformative change. Select two of the driving forces and consider your past experiences in the context of these changes.
For the two driving forces that you select, write about the influence each has had on your professional life. For example, how has the practice of continuous change affected your management skills or interpersonal communication skills?This is meant to be an introduction to the driving forces not an exhaustive analysis. Use subheadings to indicate the exact title of the reality (from the first column of the reading) that you are discussing. Your main post should have two distinct sections, one for each of the driving forces you are discussing.

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As you complete this discussion, avoid performing research and using citations. Internet research is not needed because you are sharing your thoughts and experiences and not those of another author. To ensure your participation meets the expectations, refer to the GREAT Discussion and Feedback guidelines provided in the Resources.

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