(Q) effective teaching and class management scenario ellie

Topic: Effective Teaching and class Management- Scenario Ellie
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BACKGROUNDStudent: EllieAge: 14Grade: 9th grade, 1st semesterSCENARIOEllie is a ninth grader who has just moved to the community from another city. She is quiet and withdrawn and doesnâ€t appear to have made many new friends. She often sits alone in the back of the classroom and doesnâ€t volunteer responses, offer ideas, or engage in class discussions. While she does most, if not all, of the independent work required of her, she does not actively participate in any partner or cooperative activities. She avoids group contact by reading or drawing quietly or asking to be excused to go to the restroom, locker, or office. From all the information the teachers have gathered and their observations, Ellie appears to be able to read and write on grade level.
Mr. Salinas, Ellieâ€s English teacher, becomes concerned when Ellieâ€s failure to participate in group activities begins to cause some resentment among her peers. Some students say they donâ€t want to be placed in a group with Ellie because “She wonâ€t help out and it just drags us down. Itâ€s like she doesnâ€t even know weâ€re there.” This problem is also beginning to affect Ellieâ€s grade in English class because several of the semester competencies and assignments require peer and group interaction. There are upcoming small group literature discussion activities and peer editing and writing support groups.What should Mr. Salina do to get Ellie to participate?What possible strategies should be implemented in this case to increase Ellie’s participation?Have you ever had a student with that type of behavior? Does grade-level play a major role in his/her behavior, personality, or situation?

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