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Order DescriptionThe target audience: Pregnant mothersYour leaflet should be:a. No more or less than two pages. One additional page of references is permitted.b. Approximately 1000 words equivalent, including images. The actual word count will vary depending on how many relevant images you include, from experience it isusually approximately 700 words.c. Aimed at a specific target interest group, and as such should be at a level that is appropriate and understandable for that group. Complex drug information such asmetabolism or mechanism of action is not suitable. The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to get relevant information across to a non-expertaudience, not to your fellow students.The easiest way to construct the leaflet is to use Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator, and convert the finished file to PDF. Leaflets should clearly fold in 2 or 3when printed. However there will be no deduction of marks for small formatting issues. We are more interested in your ability to get the message across than yourskills at origami.Marking guide:Content(8marks)It is expected that the leaflet will contain appropriate information at the level of knowledge of the target group. For example, detailed scientific information is notsuitable for high school students. One of the main aims of this assignment is to distil information to a suitable level for the target audience to fully understand theissue being discussed.Labelling(3marks)The leaflet should be clearly labelled to include the topic under discussion. It should also be split into sections so that, at a glance, important parts of the topicare brought to the attention of the user. It should also contain the name of the author.Images (4 marks)Images should be at an appropriate level for the audience, relevant to the topic and not simply included to take up space. Any complex figures should be clearlyexplained in the text.4. Formatting(3marks)The leaflet should be clearly formatted as a leaflet. Small formatting issues such as non-alignment of figures will not be penalised.5. Referencing(2marks)Leaflets generally do not have rigorous academic referencing, but will contain citations for important source material, such as government reports or scientific tablesor graphs. It is essential that these are acknowledged. A leaflet should also include links or concise information on where to go for further advice.

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Pregnant mothers – - Original Paper.




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