Queer Studies, the coming out narrative

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Make an argument about a text in relation to the coming out narrative; you can make your central claim aboutwhat you think is happening in the text, or your thoughts about the coming out narrative more generally inrelation to a specific text. Remember to prove your points with specific examples from the text. You can writeas an “I”; this is, again, your point of view that you are trying to persuade your reader to agree with. Try to domore than show how a text is or is not a coming-out narrative; in class we have discussed whether the comingout narrative excludes some kinds of queer people, whether it’s limiting or does important political work, whatwe think of writers who don’t use the coming-out narrative but are instead camouflaged, open-ended, orambiguous in their representation of sexual subjectivities your goal is to make an argument that is contestable.By contestable I mean that your readers would not all already agree with you; your writing offers them a newperspective or changes their minds about something.Customer question to address:with the revelation the story of “I like guys” when the boy in camp shows it off to the group to accuse the maincharacter can that be a form of coming out, he just wanted to say the words even if he wasn’t owning them ashis own?do camps cause more good than harm? gayness isn’t an illness.
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