Research, prepare, rehearse, and record and upload (using the canvas media editor) a current events/extemporaneous speech.

The DetailsOverview: In this assignment you will research, prepare, rehearse, and record and upload (using the canvas media editor) a current events/extemporaneous speech.
Requirements: Your speech should adhere to the current events speech guidelines discussed in this module .
Pay particular attention to key organizational elements in the introduction, body, and conclusion. You must have a clear answer the question and support your reasons in the body of the speech. Utilize clear source citations prior to any quoted material.
Quote a minimum of four credible sources. Additionally, you should follow the best practices standards described on the how to video tape a speech in canvas page How to Record and Submit a Media Recording. The speech should be between 4 and 5 minutes long.
Directions: Choose a topic from the Current Events Speech Topics Find at least four credible quotations to support your main points. Make sure you make note of the author of the citation, their credentials, and the date. Following the outline described in the Current Events Speech Structure construct a 4-5 minute speech.
Using a single note card (with your outline and quoted sources on it), rehearse the speech at least three times standing. Record and submit the speech using the canvas media editor. Remember to stand, maintain consistent eye contact, speak loudly, and gesture. BTW-always give canvas some time to save-you may hit the save key and nothing will happen. Wifi speeds seem to impact this. The assignment is due July 19 by 11:59 PM.
Grading Criteria: There are 20 possible points. To receive full credit your speech must include the following:
1. Topic: was your topic selected from current event speech topic page?
2. Introduction: do you start with an attention getter, include a thesis, include a preview?
3. Body: do you include background and at least two reasons for your answer?
4. Body: do you utilize at least four quoted sources to support your body points?
5. Body: do you use transitions between body points?
6. Delivery: are you speaking in a clear, assertive voice, reasonably free of verbal non fluencies (uhm, like,etc).?
7: Delivery: do you maintain consistent eye contact (allowing for looking at card occasionally)?
8. Delivery: are you standing?
9. Delivery: are you gesturing?
10. Conclusion: do you include a summary and closure?
Current Events Speech TopicsPick one of these question. On this assignment, you can’t create your own.
China or Russia: which poses the greatest threat to the United States?
Should the United States increase the number of Supreme Court justices?
Has President Biden mishandled the crisis at the border?
US scheduled withdrawal from Afghanistan: is it the right thing to do?
Iran nuclear development: what can be done to prevent them from getting the bomb?
Defunding the police: a realistic policy or an emotional reaction?
Crisis in Venezuela: what can the United States do to help?
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador: has he been an effective leader?
North Korea’s nuclear policy, what can be done to change it?
United States sanctions on Russia: are they the appropriate move?
The World Health Organization investigation of China and the origins of the virus: are the results trustworthy?
Crisis in Myanmar: what can the United States do to help?
China vs. Taiwan: how much should the United State be willing to intervene?
Mandatory voter identification: a rational safeguard or voter suppression?
Protest in Cuba: what can the United States do to support change?
The StructureThere are definitely no hard set rules on how to do this sort of speech. I have developed a structure which is sort of like what we do in competition.
Research, prepare, rehearse, and record and upload (using the canvas media editor) a current events/extemporaneous speech.

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