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PBHE 413 AMU Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among First Responders in Mass Shootings Treatment Research

PBHE 413 AMU Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among First Responders in Mass Shootings Treatment Research
The topic is How is PTSD treated in first responders involved in a mass shooting? An important component of this course is the research paper. The paper can be on a topic of your choice, but it must relate directly to the course material. You must use at least four academic bibliographic sources (paper or online) in addition to the required course readings. The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages in length, not including the title, abstract (if written), or reference pages. The research paper should include an introduction of the topic, a body in which the topic is developed and references correctly cited in APA format, and a well-defined conclusion. I strongly suggest that, as part of your research, you take advantage of the university’s online library link. There is a wide variety of resources there including many full text papers and articles. This may be of particular advantage to any of you who are deployed and do not have traditional library resources available to you.I also recommend that you contact me with the topic of your paper before you begin your research. The topic you choose may be too broad or too narrow, and a discussion may help you to focus so that your learning will be maximized and your paper will be the best it can be.Assignments submitted late without advance notice AND instructor approval will receive a 5% per day late penalty and will not be accepted for grading five (5) days past the due date.*************************************************************************************************************************Assignment Instructions:Please review the Final Paper/Project Grading Rubric prior to submission Once an assignment is graded, students should return to the IRubric to view the instructor’s feedback on their assignment.Final Paper/Project is due in the Assignment portion of the classroom by Sunday, 11:55 p.m. ET each week. Make sure you read and understand the directions and requirements for each Assignment. Please ensure you cite your references in APA format with a minimum of 5 references (You may use your textbook as a reference and you should have a minimum of 4 academic outside references including 2 peer-reviewed journal articles). Assignments submitted late without advance notice AND instructor approval will receive a 5% per day late penalty and will not be accepted for grading five (5) days past the due date. The Final Paper must have a minimum of 10 pages for an Undergraduate level course (excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages). The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font with all references cited. As always, Wikipedia, Wikianswers, and are NOT academic/scholarly sources. Papers will be graded based on the following areas: Foundation and synthesis of knowledge, application of knowledge critical thinking, writing skills, use of computer technology and application, and organization of ideas and format. Refer to Library Online Resource Center for any research assistance. Refer to the Student Handbook for policies relevant to academic honesty and other procedures and policies related to this course.A Grade Papers = ABOVE COURSE STANDARDS (ACS)The principle characteristic of the ACS paper is rich content; teaching the reader sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. In composition, it is marked by stylistic finesse: the title and opening paragraph are engaging; the transitions are artful; the phrasing is tight, fresh, and highly specific; the sentence structure is varied; the tone enhances the purposes of the paper. Finally, the ACS paper, because of its careful organization, development, and logic imparts a sense of completeness and unusual clarity. An ACS paper is highly instructive for other (and future) members of the course; as a result, it is publishable.B Grade Papers = MET COURSE STANDARDS (MCS)This paper is more than competent. In addition to being almost free of mechanical error, the MCS paper gives the reader substantial information of quantity, interest, and scholarly value. Its specific points are logically ordered, well developed, and unified around an organizing principle that is clear. The opening paragraph draws the reader in; the closing paragraph is both conclusive and thematically related to the opening. The transitions between paragraphs are for the most part smooth and the sentence structures pleasingly varied. The diction of the MCS paper is typically much more concise and precise than found in the BCS paper. Occasionally, it even shows distinctiveness and finesse. Overall, an MCS paper makes the reading experience pleasurable, one that offers substantial information with few distractions.C Papers = BELOW COURSE STANDARDS (BCS)The paper is generally competent. It meets the assignment, has few mechanical errors, and is reasonably well organized and developed. The actual information-content is either thin and commonplace or made to seem so. The ideas are vague generalities; they prompt the reader in some confusion to ask margin questions “In every case or why or how or how many…? How do we know this?” Stylistically, the BCS paper has shortcomings as well: the opening paragraph does little to draw in the reader; the final paragraph offers only a perfunctory wrap-up; the transitions between paragraphs are often bumpy; the sentences, while choppy, follow a predictable (and monotonous) subject-verb-object pattern; and the diction is occasionally marred by unconscious repetitions, redundancy, and imprecision. The BCS paper gets the job done but lacks imagination and intellectual rigor; rereading would be a chore.D Papers = UNACCEPTABLE EFFORT (UE). Not Undergraduate (400 Course) Level Work.The paper’s treatment and development of the subject, though promising, are yet only rudimentary. The organization is neither clear nor effective. Sentences are frequently awkward, ambiguous, and marred by serious mechanical error. Evidence of careful proofreading is scanty, if non-existent. The whole piece gives the impression of having been conceived and written in haste. Final Paper Grading Rubric100 % Exemplary4 ptsAccomplished3.2 ptsDeveloping2.8 ptsBeginning2.4 ptsDid not attempt0 pts FOUNDATION OF KNOWLEDGE25 %ExemplaryStudent demonstrates proficient command of the subject matter in the assignment. Assignment shows an impressive level of depth of student’s ability to relate course content to practical examples and applications. Student provides comprehensive analysis of details, facts, and concepts in a logical sequence.AccomplishedStudent exhibits above average usage of subject matter in the assignment. Student provides above average ability in relating course content in examples given. Details and facts presented provide an adequate presentation of student’s current level of subject matter knowledge.DevelopingStudent exhibits a general and average understanding of subject matter in the assignment. Whereas, there are areas of some concerning in the linkages provided between facts and supporting statements. Student generally explains concepts, but only meets the minimum requirements in this area.BeginningStudent tries to explain some concepts, but overlooks critical details. Assignment appears vague or incomplete in various segments. Student presents concepts in isolation, and does not perceive to have a logical sequencing of ideas.Did not attemptDid not attemptSYNTHESIS OF KNOWLEDGE25 %ExemplaryStudent exhibits a defined and clear understanding of the assignment. Topic is clearly defined and thesis is well-constructed to help guide the reader throughout the assignment. Student builds upon the thesis of the assignment with well-documented and exceptional supporting facts, figures, and/or statements.AccomplishedStudent establishes a good comprehension of topic and in the building of the assignment. Student demonstrates an effective presentation with most support statements helping to support the key focus of assignment.DevelopingStudent exhibits a basic understanding of the intended assignment, but the thesis is not fully supported throughout the assignment. Some difficulty in seeing linkages between thoughts. While student has included a few supporting facts and statements, this has limited the quality of the assignment.BeginningStudent exhibits a limited understanding of the assignment. Reader is unable to follow the logic used for the thesis and development of key themes. Introduction of thesis is not clearly evident, and reader must look deeper to discover the focus of the writer. Student’s writing is weak in the inclusion of supporting facts or statements.Did not attemptDid not attemptAPPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE25 %(Critical Thinking Skills)ExemplaryStudent demonstrates a higher-level of critical thinking necessary for undergraduate level work. Learner provides a strategic approach in presenting examples of problem solving or critical thinking, while drawing logical conclusions which are not immediately obvious. Student provides well-supported ideas and reflection with a variety of current and/or world views in the assignment. Student presents a genuine intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment.AccomplishedStudent exhibits a good command of critical thinking skills in the presentation of material and supporting statements. Assignment demonstrates the student’s above average use of relating concepts by using a variety of factors. Overall, student provides adequate conclusions, with 2 or fewer errors.DevelopingStudent takes a common, conventional approach in guiding the reader through various linkages and connections presented in assignment. However, student presents a limited perspective on key concepts throughout assignment. Student appears to have problems applying information in a problem-solving manner.BeginningStudent demonstrates beginning understanding of key concepts, but overlooks critical details. Learner is unable to apply information in a problem-solving fashion. Student presents confusing statements and facts in assignment. No evidence or little semblance of critical thinking skills.Did not attemptDid not attemptWriting Skill10 %(Including APA Citations and References)ExemplaryStudent demonstrates an excellent command of grammar, as well as presents research in a clear and concise writing style. Presents a thorough, extensive understanding of word usage. Student excels in the selection and development of a well-planned assignment with error-free and reflects student’s ability to prepare graduate-level writing. APA formatting guidelines followed with no errors in citations. Incorporate a variety of resources with at least 5 academic references.AccomplishedStudent provides an effective display of good writing and grammar. Assignment reflects student’s ability to select appropriate word usage and presents an above-average presentation of a given topic or issue. Assignment appears to be well written with no more than 1-2 grammatical errors. Student provides a good final product that covers the above-minimal requirements. APA format; 1-2 errors in citation. Incorporate 3-4 academic references.DevelopingAssignment reflects basic writing and grammar, but with more than 5 grammatical errors. Key terms and concepts are somewhat vague and not completely explained. Student uses a basic vocabulary in assignment. Student’s writing ability is average, but demonstrates a basic understanding of the subject matter. APA format, but with several omissions and with more than 2 errors in citation. Incorporate less than 3 academic references.BeginningTopics, concepts, and ideas are not coherently discussed or expressed in assignments. Student’s writing style is weak and needs improvement, along with numerous proofreading errors. Assignment lacks clarity, consistency, and correctness. Student needs to review and revise assignment. Several grammatical errors. APA format not used and errors throughout paper & citations. Lack of appropriate references or source materials; The paper is not of acceptable quality for graduate-level work.Did not attemptDid not attemptUSE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY/ APPLICA10 %ExemplaryStudent exhibits excellent use of computer technology in the development of assignment. Quality and appropriateness of stated references demonstrate the student’s ability to use technology to conduct applicable research. Given assignment includes appropriate word processing, spreadsheet and/or other computer applications as part of the final product.AccomplishedStudents has a good command of computer applications to format information and/or figures in an appropriate format. Student uses at least two types of computer applications to produce a quality assignment.DevelopingStudent demonstrates a basic knowledge of computer applications. Resources used in assignment are limited. Student may need to obtain further help in the use of computer applications and Internet research.BeginningStudent may need to take additional training or obtain help from the Educator Help Desk while preparing an assignment. Research and resources presented in the assignment are limited. Student needs to expand research scope.Did not attemptDid not attemptORGANIZATION OF IDEAS/FORMAT5 %ExemplaryStudent thoroughly understands and excels in explaining all major points. An original, unique, and/or imaginative approach to overall ideas, concepts, and findings is presented. Overall format of assignment includes an appropriate introduction, well-developed paragraphs, and conclusion. Finished assignment demonstrates student’s ability to plan, and be organized in a logical sequence.AccomplishedStudent explains the majority of points and concepts in the assignment. Learner demonstrates a good skill level in formatting and organizing material in assignment. Student presents an above average level of preparedness, with few formatting errors.DevelopingStudent applies some points and concepts incorrectly. Student uses a variety of formatting styles, with some inconsistencies throughout the paper. Assignment does not have a continuous pattern of logical sequencing.BeginningAssignment reveals formatting errors and a lack of organization. Student presents an incomplete attempt to provide linkages or explanation of key terms.Did not attemptDid not attempt

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