The Far Right Case study

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‘The rise in popularity of the extreme right in the case study countries is due to the failure of the mainstream political parties to satisfy the preoccupations of their electorate’. Discuss. 8. Discuss the most important social and attitudinal characteristics that are identified with those who vote for the far right. 9. What effect, if any, have the extreme right parties had on the politics of the case study countries? 10. How important is charismatic leadership for the success of far right political parties? Please see attached additional sources. Here are some recommended readings on each country that you may find useful. FRANCE Adler, F. (2003) ‘Why Le Pen will not go away’. Telos Bar-On, Tamir (2011) ‘Transnationalism and the French Nouvelle Droite’. Patterns of Prejudice, 45 (3). Bastow, S. (1998), ‘The Radicalization of Front National Discourse: A Politics of the ‘Third Way’?’ Patterns of Prejudice, 32 (3), 55-68. 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