“The New Negro,” and MLK, “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”

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Read the two documents below: Alain Locke, “The New Negro,” and MLK, “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Though these documents were written 40 years apart, they address the same issue: potential avenues towards equality for African Americans.
Once completed, type up an essay in Microsoft Word answering the below questions. I expect a long paragraph (200-300 words minimum) for each response, with each response supported by evidence from the documents you read. Once your essay is typed, submit it to this submission link.
Briefly summarize and explain Dr. Locke’s description of the potential impact of the Harlem Renaissance on African Americans.
Briefly summarize and explain Dr. King’s description of his methodology for the Civil Rights Movement.
Though these documents were written 40 years apart, how does this date range reflect the course of the African American drive for civil rights? Compare and contrast Locke and King. How are the documents similar, and how are they different? What seems to have changed for African Americans between 1925 and 1963? What apparently hasn’t changed really at all?
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