The opinion-policy nexus encountered

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Include the followingsections in your assignment:1.Background-Short introduction ofyourapproach to opinion-policy.-Is there a gap in the literature? Are you extending existing knowledge to a newcase / comparison?What is your contribution to the literature?2.Research Question-Your research questionshould smoothly come from the background. It should be concise, specific and clearly articulated.3.Overview ofthe theoretical propositions-State thetheoretical expectations or hypotheses that you plan to test in yourresearch.4.Conceptualisation of the main concepts-Briefly define your main concepts. E.g., how do you definepublic opinion and policy?5.Type of research strategy-How will you conduct your research and answer yourresearch question? What methodology will you be using? E.g., experimental design, large-N design,comparative design, single-case study design?6.Case selection-Whatare your cases (e.g., country,population)?-What is your time frame? E.g., if you use ‘dynamic representation’you need to specify a timeperiod covered in your study; if you use a static approach (e.g., ‘policy congruence’) you need to specify theyear of the survey dataset you plan to use.7.Operationalisation-How do you operationalise your concepts?How do you measure them? (E.g., if you plan to study ‘dynamic agenda representation’, you need to specifyhow you measure public priorities and policy agendas.)8.Data sources2-What sources will you be using? E.g., specify whether you will rely on data collection from existing sources,like Eurostat or OECD Government Expenditure by Function (if you plan to use spending on a given policydomain), or the Comparative Manifesto Project (for parties’ policy positions) or the Comparative AgendasProject (e.g., for public, media or policy agendas) if you plan to use information from an existingproject.9.Potential ethical considerations-Explain here whether your project will require ethical approval. E.g., ifyou plan to use data from existing datasets there is no need for ethical approval, but if you plan to generateyour own data (e.g., conduct qualitative interviews, conduct a survey) then you need ethical approval.10.Bibliography (not included in the word count)-The bibliography should include the relevant researchpublished on the approach to opinion-policy that you have selected. The sources available in the Reading Listare crucial but you should also extend them to make sure you do not miss other relevant publications on yourtopic.
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