Topic: Assess the decision making process and interpret professional standards in education – Original Paper

This week , please consider a work related decision that will need to be made soon at your educational organization .It should not bea) A decision that involves personal , family , confidential , or non education related mattersb) A decision that only involves a yes/no answer or simple alternatives such as whether to hold next year play day outside or in the gymnasium.c)A decision that only involves you or very few people .d)A decision that can be made quicklye) A decision that is not a major concern and has no consequences or only minimal consequences or only minimal consequences.It should bea) A decision you will need to make while working in education or decision that an acquaintance who works in education will need to make .b) A decision where there are multiple options being considered .c) A decision that will involve multiple stakeholders like administrators , teachers , parents , the community , etc. These are just suggested stakeholders .d)A decision that will take significant time to make successfully .e) A decision that is a major concern to all involved because it will have consequences in areas such as staffing , finances , ethics etc. These are just suggested areasAs you have learned thus far , professional standards , knowledge , skills and attitudes will have a direct reflection on your area of specialization . Understanding the intricate details of these in your specialization will help you manage and address specific problems in diverse educational organizations . Does your discipline have a professional organization that sets standards for it? Go online to this organizations websites , face book , linkedin etc. and find examples of professional standards that apply to your discipline as well as knowledge , skills and attitudes . Fill in the professional standards chart with your findings . Be sure to cite all the websites that you used in proper APA format . If you are not employed in education , you should use the area of education that an acquaintance works in and look up the professional standards , knowledge skills and attitudes for that area using appropriate websites and proper APA style.Length 1 completed decision- making chart and 1 completed professional standard chart .References: The decision making chart does not need references as it is a personal item. The professional standards chart require you to give a reference for each website , face book page etc. where you found information about the standards used in your area of specialization.
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