Topic: compose an analytical case study about a specific strategic decision made by a particular organisation – Original Paper

Module Title: Strategy in ContextYour task in this assignment is to compose an analytical case study about a specific strategic decision made by a particular organisation. Your specific objectives are to:
Describe the decision.
Explain how and why the organisation made it.
Evaluate the decision-making process and suggest alternatives.To achieve these objectives, you must apply the theoretical perspectives we discussed in class. You must also conduct careful research into organisation’s (Ferrero Group) activities and the internal and external environmental factors that may have shaped its decision. You must provide references to all your sources.You must also focus your report on a specific strategic decision made by this organisation. This should be a decision made at a specific point in time. Examples of possible decisions include but are not limited to:
A decision to launch a particular product/service line.
A decision to move into a particular new market.
A decision to form a strategic alliance with another organisation
A decision to sell off part of operations.
A decision to initiate a specific sustainability programme.
A decision to allow/supress labour union activity.
A decision that involved unethical activity (e.g. ignoring product safety defects, disregarding the wellbeing of specific stakeholders, etc.).The decision you write about has to be specific. For example, writing about ‘Volkswagen deciding to cheat on emissions tests’ is appropriately specific. Writing about ‘Volkswagen’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy’ is not as it is too general.An Introduction – Briefly explain what your selected organisation does (e.g. nature of activities, location, ownership structure).
Briefly describe the decision you will analyse. Was it a good decision? E.g. is there evidence that it improved/weakened the organisation’s position, did any stakeholders support/oppose it?
Outline the structure of your case study.An explanation of why and how your selected organisation reached its decision – Briefly explore the decision-making process: who were the key people involved, when did it happen, where, was it a planned and deliberate move or was it emergent/reactive?
If you are writing about a commercial context: did the decision involve defensive or offensive strategy?
Identify key specific factors and/or social actors in internal and/or external environment of the organisation influenced or forced the decision.
Reflect on the power structures and relations within which the decision was made. These could include broad ideological constructs, internal and external institutional and value systems, resources and/or influential stakeholders.
Recommendation of an alternative strategic decision-making process and strategy.
If you were a manager making this decision, would you have used a different decision-making process?
Would this different process have led you to a different decision?
Base your discussion here on the results of your analysis from the previous section and your learning in such areas as stakeholder theory, innovation, business models, inter-organisational collaboration and alternative organisational forms.
ConclusionClearly summarise your key findings and recommendations from the previous two sections.On completion of this module, students will need to demonstrate:
Reflect on the complexity and uncertainty inherent in strategy-making in organisations.
Identify, describe and critically evaluate strategies and strategy-making processes in specific organisations using relevant theoretical tools.
Produce recommendations on the development of strategy-making and strategic directions in specific organisations.
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Business
Pages: 4/1100

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