Topic: Conflict Management & Organizational Change – Original Paper

Complete the following in the order listed:• First: Complete the following:• Gardner’s Learning Entry Points• Gregorc Thinking Styles Inventory• VAK• Second: View Power Point “Learning Styles”• Next: Read• “Interpretation Gregorc Thinking Styles Inventory”
• “Suggestions for Working with the Various VAK Styles”
• Then: After completing the instruments listed above and reading the interpretive materials:• Participate in the “Meet & Greet” Discussion Forum
Begin reading “Resolving Conflicts at Work” by Cloke and Goldsmith• Forward, Introduction & Strategy 1• Reflect on what resonated most in reading Strategy 1 in a Discussion Forum.
Discussion Forum submissions must include the following:
A short introduction
A direct quote(s) that resonates with you and the reason you chose this quote. The quotes could be a sentence or a paragraph that were most meaningful to you. The number of direct quotes required for reference and completion of the reading assignments is identified on the specific assignment.
Proper citation of the direct quotes in APA style.Organize your Discussion Forum posts to include:o A brief introduction to your paper (3 to 4 sentences)o The direct quote you chose to include from each chapter. For example, if you are reading Strategy 2, 3 and 4 in “Resolving Conflicts at Work” after your brief introduction include: Heading: Strategy 2 (centered on page) followed by the quote(s) In new paragraph, a brief reflection on why the quote(s) resonated with you. Follow same format for Strategy 3 & 4o Final reference (in proper APA format) of the source of your direct quote(s) should be the last line in your posts.
Meet & Greet
Your first work this week was to complete three self-assessment instruments: Gardner’s Learning Entry Points, the Gregorc Thinking Styles Inventory, and the VAK. Then, you read information on the dimensions and characteristics identified on the instruments and reflected on what you learned from these three instruments about yourself and about others.
This first Discussion Forum, builds on this work. It will also help you and your classmates get to know each other. So, please introduce yourself by including the following in your post: (Addressing every item listed will earn you the most possible points for your initial post)
• Your name and any nickname or the way you preferred to be called.• If you are currently working, please tell us about your industry. You may include your title, but don’t stop there, tell us a little about the work you do. Also, tell us if your organization is open, partially open or closed and how this has affected your work.• If you are not currently working, please tell us about your former employer and a little about the work you did. If you have never worked, tell us what type of work or profession you are seeking.• What is your experience with online courses? Have you completed other classes online? If so, where did you take them and what was the subject matter?• If you have experience with online coursework, what are the greatest challenges in completing online work and how do you manage these challenges.• The results of the self-assessment instruments – your learning entry points, thinking styles and information processing style. Include what resonated most as you completed the instruments and read the interpretive materials: Include what characteristics/point/dimensions you recognized as being “like you”, any “ah-ha” moments, and if there were areas you would challenge as not being “like you”.
Resolving Conflicts at Work – Strategy 1
For this Discussion Forum, students will have read the forward, Introduction and Strategy 1 in Cloke and Goldsmith’s book Resolving Conflicts at Work. After reading Strategy 1, reflect on what you read and participate in this forum by posting:
Choose at least one direct quote or passage from Strategy 1 and post it in this Forum with brief (three to five sentences) reason you chose this particular quote. You may include up to three direct quotes in this forum.
Include a brief introduction to your post followed by the direct quote(s) and the reasons for your choice.
Use APA format to cite the direct quote(s) or passage(s) you post. A separate reference page is Not required but reference to Cloke and Goldsmith’s work (in proper APA format is required at the end of your post).
Type of service : Academic Paper WritingType Of Assignment : CourseworkSubject : ManagementPages / words : 2/550Number Of Sources : 1Academic Level : UndergraduatePaper Format : APALine Spacing : DoubleLanguage Style : US English

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