Topic: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – Original Paper

Which piece of Emperor Aurelius’ advice do you believe is most essential to living a happy and content life? How does this advice reflect stoicism?
Important Notice: The purpose of Reflection questions is to demonstrate that you have completed the assigned readings, videos, and other materials for the week and have attempted to understand and reflect on the material. To accomplish this, be sure to offer analysis rather than merely summary and include specific quotes and examples from the assigned materials, including the textbook, to support your ideas. Be sure to include citations to identify where the information came from. When discussing the material, it is important to identify where your supporting evidence comes from by citing the names of assigned articles and videos and providing page numbers for information from the textbook. It is also best to use direct quotations from the assigned materials whenever possible.
Since Reflection questions are meant to explore your personal interactions with the assigned materials, no outside materials are allowed (or necessary). This is not a research assignment. This means you are not to use the internet at all. Do not simply google the question and copy what comes up. If any sources are used beyond those that are assigned and provided, significant points will be deducted.
Weekly reflection responses must reach a minimum of 300 words and present a clear main idea (thesis) supported by specific examples from the assigned materials themselves. Since this is a Gordon Rule course, it is required to demonstrate college-level writing skills; therefore, grammar, sentence structure, and word choice will also be a factor in grading. Reflection responses should be in MLA format including a works cited page and citations in the text of the response itself which identifies where each source was used. This includes material that is quoted directly and material that is summarized in one’s own word.
Submissions must be in either MS Word or PDF file formats. Pages documents cannot be submitted. I am unable to open them; therefore they cannot be graded.
Plagiarism of any kind will result in a failing grade for the assignment.
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: social sciences
Pages: 1/275

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