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Problem-oriented policing is a department-wide strategy aimed at solving persistent community problems as learned in Module 7: Week 7. Police identify, analyze, and respond to the underlying circumstances that create incidents.Your ability to be a part of this strategy by way of thoughtful analysis and generating creative responses is very important. This assignment will give you the opportunity to analyze a problem and propose a response as you will in your future profession.INSTRUCTIONS:You will analyze the below scenario from Chapter 13 of the Whisenand textbook. You will then write and submit a memorandum, using the document template attached for content and format. Your submission will:• Be 1-2 pages in length,• Use the current APA writing style guide and format the document in accordance with the assignment template,• Not use a Reference list section or in-text citations,• Analyze the scenario using the Problem Analysis Guide from the Whisenand textbook Chapter 13, and• Propose a response.Complete only the bracketed information of the template using the current APA writing style. Do not change any font or paragraph settings in the template document. The template is single spaced and does not require additional resource references with in-text citation.Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. SCENARIO:In your department’s jurisdiction,there is an area that consists of primarily industrial areas with wide multi-lane roadways. During nights and weekends, there is virtually no activity other than through traffic and night shift personnel working inside the buildings. Complaints are starting to become regular regarding high-speed vehicles in the area.Business owners report finding heavy acceleration burnout tire marks, long skid marks, and doughnut­ type skid marks in their parking lots and on the streets. They also have been finding numerous beer bottles, trash, and condoms in the area. Graffiti and broken windows are now common calls for service. Gas runs have increased during the weekends. Motor vehicle related thefts and auto part store break-ins are starting to occur more frequently.One of that department’s student resource officers turned in a flyer that advertised a race on Saturday (unknown location) that called for “Street Racers to Take the Challenge.” The flyer was one of hundreds circulating through a local high school. The department’s digital exploitation team has also found similar announcements and postings on social media. Lastly, patrol officers went in pursuit of two custom high-performance vehicles in the industrial area, but quickly lost them after they reached speeds of 120 mph.
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Description This case study will see the evaluation of a piece of identified policing research, to be determined by the module tutor. It is similar to your previous research reports

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