University of Texas at Arlington Causes of the Gastrointestinal Illness Worksheet

Hi buddy i have finished working on your assignment. please have a look and let me know if you feel there are further changes that should be made.PART I – BackgroundOn April 19, 1940, the local health officer in thevillage of Lycoming, Oswego County, New York,reported the occurrence of an outbreak of acutegastrointestinal illness to the District HealthOfficer in Syracuse. Dr. A. M. Rubin,epidemiologist-in-training, was assigned toconduct an investigation.When Dr. Rubin arrived in the field, he learnedfrom the health officer that all persons known tobe ill had attended a church supper held on theprevious evening, April 18. Family memberswho did not attend the church supper did notbecome ill. Accordingly, Dr. Rubin focused theinvestigation on the supper. He completedInterviews with 75 of the 80 persons known tohave attended, collecting information about theoccurrence and time of onset of symptoms, andfoods consumed. Of the 75 personsinterviewed, 48 persons reportedgastrointestinal illness.Question 1: Do you believe this is an outbreak? Explain your answer.Am convinced this was just an outbreak because all patients attended the same event, the churchSupper. Also, the event occurred within the locality and not nationwide. Therefore, it was an outbreak.TheProvidefollowingthe ofstepsin the investigationQuestion 2:thearestepsan outbreakinvestigation. Refer to the Steps of an Epi Investigation1. in the Determinethat the outbreak exists.PPTCh. 1 folder.2.Do verification through diagnosis.3.Define the observed cases.4.Identification and counting of the cases5.Categorize the data in terms of place, time, and person.6.Classification of the epidemic.7.Determine the people at risk.8.Analysis of the data and findings.9.Formulate the hypothesis.10.Hypothesis testing.11.Form control and preventive measures.12.Create uniform and reports.13.Planning and administration activities.Clinical DescriptionThe onset of illness in all cases was acute,characterized chiefly by nausea, vomiting,diarrhea, and abdominal pain. None of the illpersons reported having an elevatedtemperature; all recovered within 24 to 30 hours.Approximately 20% of the ill persons visitedphysicians. No fecal specimens were obtainedfor bacteriologic examination.Question 3: From the Compendium of Acute Foodborne & Waterborne Diseases handout,list all the agents that fit at this point (symptoms and time to recovery) in the differentialdiagnosis of this outbreak of gastrointestinal illness. You must list at least 5 agents. cereusHeavy metalsClostridium perfringensStaphylococcus aureusEscherichia coli enterotoxigenicThe investigators suspected that this was a vehicle-borne outbreak, with food as the vehicle.Question 4: In epidemiologic terminology, what is a vehicle and give some examples? What is avector and give some examples? (see Ch. 12)A vehicle can be defined as an intermediary source in which the indirect transmission entailstransmission of a given infection. Examples here can be infected blood, food, contaminated water as welland the use of hypodermic syringes.Vectors refers to animate, insects of animals that are involved in the transmission of the agents of a givendisease. Examples of this category are mosquitoes and flies.Question 5: If you were to administer a questionnaire to the church supper participants, whatquestions would you ask? List at least 8 questions other than demographics(age, sex, race).1.Which foods did you consume at the church supper?2.At what time did you eat them?3.Did you cook any food for the event?4.Did you fall sick?5.What are the symptoms that you observed as a result?6.At what time did you begin feeling sick?7.How long did the symptoms last?8.What other places did you go to after the church supper?Dr. Rubin put his data into a line listing.Question 6: What is a line listing? What is the value of a line listing? (2 different line listings areprovided on the following pages. Explain the differences between the first line listing and the 2ndimproved line listing.)A line listing refers to one sort of epidemiologic database that is normally o…

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