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This week, you will submit the second project, VM Scanner Background Report, based on the Nessus Report.As you are writing your report, you may want to refer back to the CEO’s video in Week 1 to make sure youranalysis and recommendations align with the CEO’s priorities and concerns.You should link your analysis to the kinds of organizational functions and data associated with a transportationcompany (e.g., protecting order data, customer lists, sales leads, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance forprocessing credit, proprietary software, etc.) and provide your recommendation if Mercury USA shouldpurchase the Nessus tool. This report should be four to six pages in length and include a title/cover page.Include in-text citations and a reference page with three quality sources in a citation style of your choice.How Will My Work Be Evaluated?For this assignment, you are asked to provide your supervisor, Judy, with a technical evaluation of avulnerability scanner. By documenting your results in an effective background report, you are showing how youuse your technical knowledge to convey your ideas to others in a professional setting. Your ability to expressyour findings using the right mix of technical detail in a business context is an important workplace skill.The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:1.3.1: Identify potential sources of information that can be used to develop and support ideas.1.4.1: Produce grammatically correct material in standard academic English that supports the communication.10.1.1: Identify the problem to be solved.12.2.1: Identify systems for the risk assessment.12.3.1: Select controls.13.2.1: Evaluate vendor recommendations in the context of organization requirements.
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