White Collar Crime

Your department has received numerous complaints of losses of investment monies to a local large corporation called Moon Ventures. You are familiar with Moon Ventures and have acquaintances that work there. Moon Ventures has been operating for 12 years and has amassed over 100 million in financial revenue. The revenue is reported to be primarily derived from investments domestically and internationally. Moon Ventures reports an employee base of 1200 personnel. The commander of criminal investigations has informed you that you are assigned to this case.
Your preliminary thoughts lead you to believe that there is some white collar criminal activity to be found by just looking at the numerous complaints. Your experience with these types of cases tells you that the losses could be enormous and the discovery of evidence far reaching throughout multiple jurisdictions. You request and later receive documents from the alleged victims showing their pension investments with Moon Ventures. You suspect that Moon Venture’s financial earning reports have been fraudulently inflated and reflective of a Ponzi scheme. You know time is of the essence to gather documents and carry out interviews. Some of the complaints filed have stated their suspicion as to the shredding of documents at an accounting firm that audits Moon Ventures.
Moving forward in your investigation, you have generated a list (see below) of who to interview that includes victims, witnesses and suspects:
Joe May, CEOBlake Milton, PresidentJim Stacken, CFO (Chief Financial Operator)Robert Krist, CAO (Chief Accounting Officer)Sam Dorman, Finance Managing DirectorWilliam Payton, TreasurerJonathan Kash, Assistant TreasurerKenneth Smith, Head of Investor RelationsPamela Ramerez, Managing Director of Investor RelationsMichael Connely, Accounting firm, Moon Venture independent auditorThomas Addams, Trader, Moon VenturesFrederick Shea, Trader, Moon VenturesRobert Mullen, Merrill Lynch BankerSamuel Adamson, Acquaintance, employed at Moon VenturesYour list of alleged offenses has grown and includes securities fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and insider trading. Most importantly, you have also enlisted important allies in law enforcement from other agencies after realizing the enormity of the work and multiple jurisdictional boundaries that have been crossed.
It is time to move forward towards completing a successful white-collar criminal investigation. In your most creative fictional sense, fill in the script with lessons learned by doing the following:
Preliminary Investigation advising your initial strategy. This must include an offender profile.What agencies have you enlisted for help in your case. Explain your reasoning as to why they are important to your case.Interview a minimum of six people on the above list. Advise what contributions to your case will each person interviewed have to offer as witnesses or suspects. Your interview content should be basically some questions and answers in essay form.What type of evidence was discovered? Be sure to explain where and how you found the evidence.Present your case to the DA or prosecuting attorney for prosecution. Make sure to present the suspect(s) and their subsequent offenses you want them charged with in a criminal court.Advise your thoughts on the application of this case to a Civil Court of Law.The body of your paper should be at least five-seven full pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. A format including an introduction, the body of work, and a conclusion will best assure you cover the main components of the assignment. The integration of research strengthens your information and helps provide good thought/paragraph transition, which in turn provides a good read.

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