work responsibilities the job role detailed

Question 1.2
What is the job role that you are detailing and the policy you have chosen for an in-depth review?
How is that policy relevant to the work responsibilities the job role detailed?
Question 1.3
For the policy of your in-depth review, outline a situation that could occur if the related procedures were not performed correctly or if there was another type of failure scenario related to the policy. What could be the consequences of a policy breach? Should such an incident be reported? How?
Task 2
Task 2.1
Effectively washing hands is a most important consideration for those working in a healthcare and community services workplaces, it is also relevant information for the general public in maintaining good health. For this task you are required to produce a guide, brochure or poster that relates to how to effectively wash hands. Your document needs to be designed to:
• Be useful to healthcare and community services staff and also the general public
• Be written in simple English so that it can be easily read and understood
• Be supported by images and/or links to videos that demonstrate effective hand washing.
Task 2.2
There are a number of means by which you could circulate your hand hygiene document. Consider a communication platform that may be in use in the community or health services and explain how you would circulate (and possibly revise) your document for distribution via digital media (such as website or intranet, social media, podcast or video channel etc.) Are these any organisation policies that may need to be considered in the process of publishing the digital communication?
Task 3
Locate a copy of the role or position description (PD) for your current work role or look for a position description for a healthcare or community services work role that you are interested in. Upload a copy of the position description with this assignment. You may be able to find a relevant position description:
• By asking your manager, supervisor, administration or Human Resources office
• On the website of a State Health Department or other health or community services
• By performing a job search for the role and finding an advertisement with PD
• By contacting a health or community service where the role exists and requesting a copy
• On the website, or by contacting, a relevant professional association for the job.
Question 3.1
Does the PD include information that details the industry and related award for the role?
Where else could you go to find relevant information for industry standards and award rates?
Question 3.2
List one of the responsibilities of the role detailed in the PD that would have legislative requirements or accreditation standards that apply. Provide a link to the standards and/or detail what they are.
Question 3.3
What other healthcare professionals would this work role cooperate with in performing the job responsibilities? Would this include dealing with different levels and sectors of the health industry?
Question 3.4
What type of issues could be encountered in performing the duties of this work role? What would you do if you identified an area of improvement with how the organisation handled a certain issue?
Question 3.5

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What type of personal skill maintenance or development would be relevant to continuing in this work role? Where would you access information or advice on how to set goals and plan for skill and knowledge development in the role? How should future work goals be focussed?