write a research brief for a case study

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☐ I understand that if I am found to have plagiarised, cheated or colluded, action will be taken against me according to the process explained to me.

☐ I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout these assessment tasks.

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A copy of this page must be supplied to the office and kept in the student’s file with the evidence.

Assessment Task 2 Research brief project

Task summary

For this assessment task, you will be required to write a research brief for a case study company. You will then participate in a meeting with the company’s owner to discuss your research brief and to seek approval to conduct the research as outlined in the document.

This assessment is to be completed in the simulated work environment in the RTO.


  • Access to textbooks/other learning materials
  • Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access
  • Information Policy and Procedures
  • Feedback Register
  • Research Brief Template


  • Plagiarism is not accepted and must be below 20%.
  • Make sure that your answers are in your own words (paraphrased) and do not cut and paste and answers from
  • Internet
  • Student Guide
  • Other people’s work

Our Turnitin plagiarise software will give a report of the amount of copy and paste you do. Remember your submissions allow only 20% of copied work.

Also add a reference to your answers as to where you have found the information. This linkage will not be added to your Turnitin report.

Word count

It is important as each course level requires a certain amount of writing to be completed for the questions.


Certificate II level course the word count for each answer should be around 50 words

Certificate III level course the word count for each answer should be around 100 words

Certificate IV level course the word count for each answer should be around 150 words

Diploma level course the word count for each answer should be around 250 words

Advanced Diploma level course the word count for each answer should be around 500 words

It is important to read the instructions for the question – if the says write a paragraph and give examples, make sure you do this or you may have to redo your answers.

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Your assessor will advise you of the due date of these submissions.


  • Email with draft research brief attached.
  • Email with revised research brief attached

Assessment criteria

For your performance to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task, you must satisfactorily address all of the assessment criteria. If part of this task is not satisfactorily completed, you will be asked to complete further assessment to demonstrate competence.

Role-Play Instructions

Role-Play and Presentation Video Recording / Upload Instructions to Moodle

  • Consult with your trainer as to the requirement of the Role-play or presentation for your unit of competence.
  • Write a script of your role-play as per the instructions in your assessment
  • Practice your script at least (3) three times before recording your video
  • To record your video;
    1. Log on to https://zoom.us/
    2. Sign up, it is free
    3. Zoom will download into your laptop or PC or Smart phone
    4. Start your zoom session
    5. Test your audio and video
    6. Your video and audio should always be on
    7. Share the screen you want to display (PowerPoint presentation, Template, etc)
    8. Record your Zoom session to your PC
    9. The length of your recording must be minimum of 1.5 minutes and a maximum of 3 minutes
    10. To move from one screen to another, make a new share so it can appear in your recording
    11. Once your recording is complete, stop your recording and End all meetings.
    12. Save your recording as Unit number_Task number_Student name_Student ID_Attempt number Example: (BSBMGT502_AT2 Roleplay_John Smith_KIC0000070_Attempt 1)
  • Upload your saved video role-play recording to Moodle similar to uploading your task.
  • Your trainer will assess your role-play. If you are not satisfactory, your trainer will instruct you to resubmit your video role-play recording with the needed corrections or make a face-to-face roleplay with the trainer.

Re-submission opportunities

You will be provided feedback on their performance by the Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.

If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed, the assessor will explain why, and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt(s) will be arranged at a later time and date.

You have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal.

You are encouraged to consult with the assessor prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have any learning issues or needs that may hinder you when attempting any part of the assessment.

Assessment Task 2 Instructions

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Carefully read the following:

Aus Health Spa is located in the outer suburbs of Sydney and offers a range of services, including massages and body and skin treatments. The Health Spa also includes a fitness centre, for which memberships are available. There are currently around 50 permanent members of the fitness centre. All other users are casual users of both the spa and fitness centre. Currently, users can only be members of the fitness centre and all other services are paid for per use.

The Health Spa has been established for 2 years, during which time, use of the Spa has steadily increased, resulting in an excellent operating profit. Most users are locals.

The owner of Aus Health Spa is interested in finding out more about member needs and ways to increase business sales.

In the role of the Marketing Officer for the business, you have been asked to conduct research into the above, and on trends and opportunities in the sector.

As there is a limited budget for marketing research, the owner of the business has advised that it will be necessary to identify and use secondary research information sources about the health spa industry, statistics and emerging trends and opportunities.

A feedback register for service users and is a relatively recent initiative, with feedback documented from March 2018. The register should be reviewed to identify members’ needs.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Write a research brief.

Develop a research brief for Aus Health Spa

The brief should, at a minimum, include the following:

  1. Identify the objectives of the research to be conducted
  2. Identify the research methods to be utilised, including an explanation of why the proposed method of research are suitable for the proposed research, as well as how they are valid and reliable.
  3. List at least 10 key words and phrases (including Boolean operators) to use in online research to identify relevant sources of information.
  4. Use the key words and phrases, including Boolean operators, to identify and document at least 5 information sources that you will use for the research. Document the web site reference and/or name and title of the publication of each of these reference sources and summarise the information that the web site or publication will provide to assist you with your research.
  5. Review the information in the Feedback Register and, based on your review and analysis, identify at least three areas to be reviewed as part of the research.

Use Research Brief Template to guide your work. As you will be reviewing this document following a meeting with the owner of the Spa, name this document Draft Research Brief.

  1. Send an email to the owner of Aus Health Spa (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

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It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment and seek their feedback.

The email text should ask for the place, date and time of a meeting where you can discuss it.

Attach your draft research brief to the email.

  1. Meet with the owner of Aus Health Spa and a number of staff members.

At the meeting, you will need to:

  • Provide an introduction to the meeting
  • Discuss key points from the research brief, included the proposed research activities.
  • Seek feedback on the proposed research and gain approval to proceed.

During the meeting, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

  • Speaking clearly and concisely
  • Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding
  • Asking questions to identify required information
  • Responding to questions as required
  • Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding
  1. Update your research brief

Revise and update your research brief as required based on feedback provided at the meeting.

Name this version of the document Revised Research Brief.

  1. Send an email to the owner of Aus Health Spa (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment and ask for their feedback.

Attach your revised research brief to the email.

Assessment Task 2 Checklist

Student’s name:
Did the student: Completed successfully Comments
Yes No
Identify research requirements and develop the research brief according to the template provided?
Identify and document research objectives?
Explain how the research methods to be used are both valid and reliable?
Use information from Feedback Register to inform the research objectives?
Use key words and phrases including Boolean operators to identify relevant information sources?
Identify relevant information sources, including both online and non-electronic sources?
Confirm research requirements and objectives with business owner, including approval to proceed?
During the meeting: respond to questions about the proposed research? ask questions to seek feedback about the proposed research? Use active listening techniques to confirm and clarify understanding?
Task Outcome: Satisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐
Assessor signature
Assessor name